Assistant Sales Manager

Posted on: 2 months ago | Deadline: Aug 10, 2018
Not Stated Full time


Division of Audiovisuals (DOAV) – a part of the Keiretsu group of Companies – is looking for potential Assistant Sales Manager who is eager to learn and up for a challenge.

DOAV is primarily an AV company with heavy focus on Commercial & Residential automation (AV & Electrical).


- Must learn a brand assigned to him and act as the brand ambassador
- Must be able to:
- Raise Quotes
- Do Drawings on Microsoft Visio
- Work from Closing the Sale to Project Completion.
- Should oversee project delivery and follow up with the installation team
- Should not have trouble traveling out of City or even country
- Must be willing to go the extra mile to meet the project deadline
- Should be organized

Requirements/Preferred Qualifications:

- Have minimum 1-year working experience.
- As a minimum education, must have completed O Levels with at least:
- B in English
- B in Math
- C in Dhivehi
- B in Computing
- Prefer science stream students over basic
- A Levels or Diplomas are very welcome


- Negotiation based on qualification

How to apply:

All emails must be sent to

Required Documents:

- Educational Certificates
- Experience Letters (at least 1)
- Referral Letter (at least 1)
- Appointment letter written on your own words stating why you are best for this job.

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