Assistant Support Manager

Posted on: 2 months ago | Deadline: Aug 31, 2018
Not Stated Full time


Division of Audiovisuals (DOAV) – a part of the Keiretsu group of Companies – is looking for potential Assistant Support Manager who is eager to learn and up for a challenge.

DOAV is primarily an AV company with heavy focus on Commercial & Residential automation (AV & Electrical).


- Must be aware of all products & services of Keiretsu (including SXS, GS, DOAV and KEI)
- Must be able to:
- Raise Quotes
- Do Drawings on Microsoft Visio
- Work under pressure
- Handle Customer Complaints
- Find solutions for customer complaints
- Must use the Odoo Support App and Repair/Returns App to manage all support inquiries
- Must retrieve, log, and assign each support inquiry received by the organization
- Must follow up on each support inquiry like a mini project. Even if the work is assigned to a tech support staff, the asst. support manager must oversee and ensure the job is completed.
- Must overlook all the AMC contracts the company has
- Must notify in advance to each customer in advance, in compliance with the AMC contract, when the AMC is nearing renewal.
- Must make new AMC agreements based on the templates provided
- Each sale created from a Support Inquiry must be overlooked by the Asst. Support Manager. This includes receiving PO from customer, ensuring the product is purchased by closely liaising with Procurement Dept or whosoever is in charge of procurement, and ensure the timely delivery by coordinating with Crestron.

Requirements/Preferred Qualifications:

- Have minimum 1-year working experience.
- As a minimum education, must have completed O Levels with at least:
- B in English
- B in Math
- C in Dhivehi
- B in Computing
- Prefer science stream students over basic
- A Levels or Diplomas are accepted
- Have good interpersonal skills


- Negotiation based on qualification

How to apply:

All emails must be sent to

Required Documents:

- Educational Certificates
- Experience Letters (at least 1)
- Referral Letter (at least 1)
- Appointment letter written on your own words stating why you are best for this job

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